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IPL in Abu Dhabi – Top Dubai Attractions are Dhow Cruise Dinner, Desert Safari and City Tour

The airs of Abu Dhabi are in full swing with excitement these days as the most thrilling event in cricket kicks off. IPL 7 is happening this year away from homeland India and setting the stage in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi since India is busy with general elections on the other side as well. How amazing is that, right?


Indian Premier League (IPL) has been one of the most talked about events in cricket-loving-circles. People around the world have been looking forward to this spectacular event every year for the past seven years as the whole world watches great cricketers come together to play the best cricket of their lives. You can’t have even of IPL because it gets more exciting with every passing edition.

IPL Cricket

As much as people love to watch live action on grounds, they are excited about the star-glittering opening ceremony as well. This year both the cricket and bollywood stars came together in Abu Dhabi to announce it officially. An evening filled with dance, music and fun has been hosted in Abu Dhabi as matches have started off next day from the said state as well.

Abu Dhabi will be hosting 7 matches in total in Sheikh Zayed Stadium starting from April 16 till April 29, 2014. The tournament will return to India in May after the general elections are held. But for now, eyes of the world are watching this first class cricket event filled with thrill and excitement outside India for the first time…and everyone is happy for that. is giving special discounts on all tours including dhow cruise dinner, desert safari and city tour.

Dubai Cruise

Dhow Cruise – A perfect buffet dinner


Desert Safari on Jeep

Dubai Desert Safari


Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour

Written by Anna Peterson

Being born in Dubai and having seen all Dubai growing from great to greatest city for business and tour purposes, is more than a blessing.