Dhow Cruise Dinner In Dubai

At Dubai Dhow Cruise we offer packages for whole of your being! The splendid scenery of creek will snatch blinking from your eyes! Our music magicians will flood your ears with honey sweet melodies! Your taste buds will fall in love with our professionally prepared cuisine! Your neurons will run short of the capacity to manipulate and store such splendid experience! Our dedicated and professional staff will fill your soul with the pleasures of ‘Sheikh-like’ treatment! The pleasant breeze will bless your heart and the pure air will give a refreshing treat to your air passage; and this is just the beginning! We have designed our Dhow cruises to give a matchless experience to each and every sensory part of your being!

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Reserve one of our packages and enjoy our dinner gifts like pick and drop, welcome drink and magic show!

The most imaginable and fascinating ways to visit Dubai, Where we offer you the Dhow  Cruise Dinner in Dubai, Fishing in Dubai, Desert Safari Dubai, and last but not least the most enchanting Yacht Charter Dubai where you enjoy the trip to its fullest. we offer you amazing views of the Dubai city In sunlit or moonlit sky. Our experienced staff, beautifully decorated traditional dhow and vehicles having latest GPRS navigation system make you journey most relaxed and safest.

Our Dhows are outcome of world class design and decoration teams. Cruising along the creek, in the sleepy and calm waters; glowing with the bright lights of our Dhow and the surrounding spectacular buildings, is a one of its kind experience! Enjoy dining on the way, in our Dhow Cruise Dinner suites or come up to embrace the open air! Stretch your arms and close your eyes to forget the world and open them to enjoy the scenes of technology treasures of Dubai!

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai is an experience which you will never forget for years. Cruising along the lovely waters of Dubai creek, watching the glamorous Dubai lights in a traditional dhow enjoying the genuine Arabic and continental cuisine in a relaxing environment, make the trip full of delight and comfort for your family and friends. Dubai dhow cruise dinner gives you a perfect chance to say it all what you have in your heart creating a romantic and enchanting environment.