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Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Reviews

dhow cruise dinner reviews

‘’Scenically, dhow cruise was the most fantastic part of my Dubai trip! To sail across the naturally decorated creek over the smooth blue sea and the sun setting right over your head. Loved it to bits.’’ James Peterson.  (USA)


dhow cruise dinner review

‘’Dhow cruise was no more than a slow sail across the sea. The food was just average and the entertainment was nothing out of the ordinary. Although the staff did a pretty decent job, the whole experience was a letdown for me.’’ – Jay Mathew (USA)


dhow cruise dinner dubai

‘’ Dhow Cruise very good. Me likes sea and music but food not much. Cooked not so properly the meat but dhow cruise nice.’’ Nick Chow (China)


dhow cruise dinner in dubai


‘’ Dhow Cruise was overall a very average experience. Except for the highly decorated Dhow, there were not many attractions. The songs were nice but could not make much out of them because they were someone cultural songs that weren’t in the language I could understand.  Moreover, the food was not as exceptional as I had imagined it to be.’’ – Cassie Brown (Britain)


dhow cruise dinner in dubai reviews


‘’ I took the morning dhow trip and it was highly refreshing. I could see the fishes underneath as we sailed smoothly across the beautiful creek. Never in my life have i been this close to nature. Not just those, the music on the deck of the dhow was highly entertaining. I enjoyed it thoroughly.’’ Wasim Shehzad (Pakistan)


dhow cruise dinner in dubai review

‘’ Dhow Cruise was extremely entertaining with all the music and the delicacy in the craft of the dhow itself. The beauty of the creek and the city lights in the background made the sights even more memorable. The Staff did an exceptional job too except for the food that did sort of put me off. The taste seemed rather like Asian food than International cuisine.

’’ – Alex Morgan (Australia)